Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #9 Incorporating Devices

  1. It is important to communicate to students the way in which technology will be integrated as a tool in the lesson.

  2. Accountability is applicable to any lesson/station or activity; therefore technology should not be the exception. Technology will be relevant if we assess students practice consistently.

  1. I like learning games for kids; it can be used as a station for almost any subject.
I find Study ladder very motivational because of its instant feedback and rewards.

  1. Pop Math is a practical addition/subtraction math facts application. As you know practice on that matter is very important so they can improve their skills; kids also love practicing using this app.

  1. Kids can use these devices in too many ways not only as stations but also as cameras, voice recorders and video recorders. A reader’s theater can be made if you record their voices and then take pictures from the book finally putting them together in a presentation. Evernote is a useful app to take notes and to bookmark Internet pages, pictures or text for you to open them on different devices under the same account. I believe that during the year I’ll come up with a lot more of ideas. 

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